Welcome to the official home of the Loveism Movement

Loveism definition finally revealed:

In 2010, Hec One, began a one-man mission to spread his Loveism message one mural, stencil and sticker at a time. Over a decade and dozens of Loveism murals later, all that time resisting the pressure to define the meaning behind his Loveism Campaign while simultaneously also seeing an onslaught of online opportunists aiming to define and commercialize his message. Hec finally relented and released this intriguing hint at a definition. The tongue in cheek morsel also came with an explanation for his long silence on the subject:

“Loveism is too big an idea to be fully defined by inherently limited things such as words. It’s not about words at all. Loveism is all about action, uncomfortable things such as change and sacrifice. Before action occurs, there needs to be conscience and that requires critical thought.  Deep self reflection is required to begin the task of constructing an objective ethical mirror. It’s actually much harder than it sounds. The movement for now must remain a simple call to individual thought. That’s where we must begin, all I can offer as a starting point is the following… my official definition:

Loveism is what love wants to be when it grows up.”

Now we have our marching orders! If Hec’s beautiful work and Loveism message touches you, he wants us to use the power of our own imagination to further develop and define that idea. What would that Loveism world look like? Is it achievable? Does it merit further consideration? Ideas are powerful, tangible things and they can change the world. Each newly ethically aware person becomes another soldier of the Loveism army.